Our Story

"Are you in my stuff?"

I heard my Grandmother shout back in the house... "No ma'am!" I shouted back, whilst standing in a cloud of Bora Bora.

It was in my Grandmother's home that my obsession with scents began; ultimately, laying a foundation for "Laraè," twenty years ago before the thought was even conceived.

Despite getting acquainted with scents at a young age, my dream of working with them didn't start there.

I did, as most millennials were taught to do. I went to school, I got the degree, and I got a job in the field.

Done, done, and done!


Not quite.

Though I definitely had quite the interest in the human mind, having earned my degree in psychology, the environment I found myself in was not where I needed, nor wanted to be.

Finding myself stuck, in a job I hated, as well as having my whole heart now living outside of my body (my son), I began reflecting on my life to see what it is, I really wanted.

I began thinking of things I really liked or found passion in. The thought of when I visited Europe came to mind.

Their culture was well received, as I fully immersed myself in it. One of the biggest things, if not the "it" thing in Europe is scent. Europeans loved to smell good; A good fragrance was comparable to a Chanel bag.

I also played back my daily doings, and thoughts... And one question I found myself asking daily of others was, "What's your scent?"

Then, I reminisced on the cloud of Bora Bora I stood in at 6 years old whilst simultaneously deflecting my grandmother's allegations of me "being in her stuff."

It dawned on me, that my passion was already in my daily life.. .and had been for over a two decades. Scent was my passion; And, who doesn't love a good one?

I started doing my research. By this time, I'd quit the job I hated. I had a new determination for turning my passion into something more. I ordered different scents and dishes, measuring cups, and the like. I began concocting different perfumes in my living room like a mad scientist.

After various attempts, I finally found the perfect scent. I also ended up finding a job that was still in my field, but with a lot more flexibility and a better environment.